The Living Stewardship Program
Annual Church Stewardship Program since 1978
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To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul.
Ps 25:1
Dear Pastor,
Stewardship & Finance Committee:
The key to this annual program is simplicity based on
experience with over 7,000 churches. Many having used the
program 4-6-8 even 10 years and more.
Many church leaders think good results are only possible with
intensive planning and organizational effort. While this may be
true in a capital campaign, it does not have to be the case in
your annual drive.
If you are looking for a program that inspires outstanding
response without intense effort on your part, we invite you to
review our materials.
Whether you have 50 families or 5,000, our program will
be the most effective and easiest you will ever use.
And there's a reason why.
When you use our program, you benefit from our 35 years of
experience in working with thousands of churches on annual
stewardship drives.
We will provide your church with tried and tested materials
members enjoy reading and respond to. And although our
pledge cards are customized for your church, our stream-
lined techniques allow us to provide you with professional
materials at a very reasonable price.
The program has earned the respect of church leaders for its
easy implementation. The materials do most of the work for
you. In today's busy world, your stewardship committee needs
fewer meetings and less work.
With the Living Stewardship Program, you can count on getting
the best response possible in the least amount of time.

Review Booklet & Samples

Order your no-obligation Booklet with samples today. It has everything you need to make a decision about using our
material. We think you will be inspired by the depth and quality
of our program.
We hope for the opportunity to serve your church.
The Living Stewardship Program
Your stewardship effort
quickly builds momentum

and comes to a swift
successful conclusion.
Like a spinning top: